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Bed Bugs are a remarkably resilient creatures and single-handedly represent Pest Control's most challenging problem. Chemical Resistance continues to increase, rendering chemicals largely ineffective for eradication even after multiple applications. Today's level of resistance requires innovation and a more technologically advanced approach over that of years past. Our 100% Chemical Free Method of Killing Bed Bugs has sought to do just that--incorporating a level of sophistication, and technological innovation to the problem. 

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Super-Heated Dry Steam
Concentrated Heat for Problematic Areas

The First Stage of our Signature Multi-Stage Heat Application consists of applying Super-Heated Dry Steam to problematic areas and furniture items of particular concern. Our Specialized Equipment nearly Doubles the Temperature of Traditional Steam and Pressurizes it up to 60 Pounds Per Square Inch. This System is able to Inject Heat in excess of 350 Degrees Fahrenheit, reaching deep into problematic cracks and crevices where Bed Bugs and their Eggs may be hiding.  

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Remote Monitoring
Room by Room Temperature Sensing
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Super-Heated Air
Floor to Ceiling Heat for Complete Eradication

The Second Stage of our Signature Multi-Stage Heat Application consists of circulating Super-Heated Air all throughout your Home, leveraging the Most Advanced Propane and Electric Heaters in the business. Each of our Heaters is equipment with numerous safety mechanisms and sensors that monitor temperatures and ensure that dangerous gases such as Carbon Monoxide do not reach excessive levels within your Home. Our Super Heated Air Systems circulate 140 Degrees of heat throughout every square foot of your space, ensuring a thorough eradication of Bed Bugs. 

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Thermal Imaging
Cold Spot Elimination

Our Remote Monitoring System is capable of independently monitoring the temperature in each and every room of your Home, ensuring the efficacy of our process. This Highly Advanced System transmits Telemetry Data from Individual Sensors directly to our Technician Dashboard ensuring that we have successfully exceeded the thermal death points, and have maintained that temperature well above the expected time frames necessary for complete eradication of Bed Bugs and their Eggs.

Temperatures within a single room may vary greatly depending on the construction, and belongings within that space. Our Team leverages the most advanced Thermal Imaging Cameras to quickly identify any remaining Cold Spots that may exist within your space and systematically addressing them all throughout your treatment. 

"I instantly feel in love with these guys. They were all so kind and helpful. Thank you all so much for your professionalism!"

Jillian Godshall, Home Owner

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