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A Technological Approach to Biological Resistance

Due to the increased Chemical Resistance of Bed Bugs, we have chosen Heat as our method of choice for Bed Bug Eradication. Our process is proven to be Safe, Clean, and Effective and poses zero residual health risk to you and your family. 

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Minimal Effort, Maximum Effectiveness

We have spent years refining our Preparation Process and have developed a have developed what we call a "Low-Prep Process" that requires minimal effort on you the Homeowner. Rather than risk disturbing Bed Bugs Colonies, and causing them to spread to additional areas throughout the home, our Process focuses on just addressing those items that are flammable, pressurized, or particularly sensitive to heat. 

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Discard Nothing, Safely Treat Everything

Our proven Multi-Stage Heat Application is capable of safely treating all of your belongings in place, and does not require for you to discard any of your furniture. Unlike Chemical Applications that are unable to be used on items that come in contact with humans, our Heat Treatment Process can treat every square foot of your home, and every item contained therein. 

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Discrete Equipment, Sophisticated Process

Our unique In-House Propane and Electric Heater Systems are a first of their kind; purpose built to operate discretely and safely from within your Home. Rather than attempt to duct air in from the outside, each unit is highly sophisticated and contains numerous safety mechanisms that allow for them to function similarly to that of your home furnace, albeit at nearly twice the temperature.

"I had a really great experience with this company. My wife and I had a lot of questions, and they went out of their way to explain their process, and to help educate us about our situation. I own several rentals and will definitely be reaching out to Terry and Len in the future if we end up having another problem. They were super fair with their pricing and help address our situation quickly."

Tyler Hendrix, Home Owner

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